Best Crypto discords
2021 Edition

If you are searching for the best discord groups focused on crypto in 2021 you are now one step closer. This guide lists the top 5 discords that has been proven and tested by the Author and is listed according to usefulness and quality of content.

Along with twitter and telegram groups, discord has become increasingly popular among crypto enthusiasts as a place to discuss the crypto-verse and to learn the do’s and don’t’s of trading this volatile market

What is Discord?

Discord can be imagined as a hybrid between a simple webpage, a tradional community forum, and older voice apps such as teamspeak and ventrilo. Discord first came to existence as a better solution for gamers than said apps, but has later transitioned into many other markets due to its intuitive user interface. Discord is easy to use which is likely to be one of the reasons why it has gained so much traction since inception in 2015.

In this group you are welcome to chat about anything in the cryptosphere, including miners, developers, famous crypto personalities, and other cryptocurrencies

This group focuses on Ethereum and is one of the most popular crypto Discord servers. . Keep in mind that this group started as a place for ETH miners to meet and discuss their problems, but since then it has expanded to a wider range of questions. This is also a free server.

A discord server focused on giving its users free crypto guides as well as tips and tricks on how to better themselves as traders. Very beginner oriented.

The server functions as a hub for new and existing users where they can get pointed to other informative communities as well as to the legit crypto exchanges. This is at the time of writing, a completely free discord and has no buywalls in order to access additional information.

A discord group focused on signals on the futures (leverage) market. spot signals are also available. Some signals are VIP, but also has free signals.

A nice discord run by Filthy Rich, a cool dude really focused on spreading his knowledge. This server started with a focus on futures trading signals, but has now included spot signals as well. Contains automated signals by his own bots which are getting better everyday. Check it out! You can stay here for free and get some signals or you can buy a VIP membership.

The official /r/cryptocurrency discord server. (reddit)

When you first join the server, you will only have access to a small number of rooms (General, Traders, Charts, Resources, Mining, and Developers). As you take part in the life of the community, you will be promoted and get an access to some new rooms where more serious traders hang out.

A group that is focused on suggested buys and sells and also offers signals. The signals are for paying members only.

This server is pretty decent but it is lacking moderation and therefore gets a few trolls here and there in the public chats. Chatting is free but the server is focused on a VIP/premium membership where one will get buy signals. The signals are decent and the price is good but don’t expect to become a millionaire over night.